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Healthy Choice is the name of a brand of refrigerated and frozen foods owned by ConAgra Foods. According to ConAgra's official corporate history, it came into being after then-ConAgra CEO Charles "Mike" Harper suffered a heart attack in 1985. Forced to dramatically alter his diet, he came up with the idea of a line of healthier frozen foods.ConAgra sells a broad array of dishes through its Healthy Choice brand, including frozen dinners, side dishes, cold cuts and other meats, canned soups, ice cream, bread, pasta sauce, and even popcorn. In April 2009, ConAgra reintroduced Healthy Choice's line of frozen meals along with new products, including a line of All Natural Entrees. To promote the changes, Healthy Choice spent between $90 million to $100 million on a multimedia campaign that includes advertisements with actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus featured in commercials directed by Christopher Guest. Other rebranding efforts included new packaging designs.

Anne writes her review of the Unwrapped Burrito Scramble, "This was so incredibly disappointing. It only clocks in at about 200 calories, which is the dietary equivalent recommending for a snack, not a meal, nothing seemed to have flavor, absolutely no part of it tasted like anything, the small number of greens in it was almost nonexistent and the whole portion could've easily fit into a 1 cup measuring scoop. Make your own at home and save your hard-earned money. Don't buy Healthy Choice."


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Morris Tavlin says

"You’re getting a bad review for sending me a review to fill out. I order fish, you send it, what’s there to review? These emails are annoying and I’m looking at other suppliers now"

Trenda R Adkins says

"I have always loved vitalchoice but these last two shipments of the king salmon have been questionable. Some of the pieces have tasted fishy and the quality is not what I expected."

Stacy M says

"While I am happy with the fish that I ordered, the shipping was horrible and I can.t see myself ordering from this company again. The fish arrived on my doorstep with no knock or ringing of the doorbell. Luckily I saw the package later that day. The package was open and completely soggy because any original dry ice was melted. The fish was just in the brown cardboard box -- there was no special packaging to help keep the fish cold. Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed."

Margaret Hollis says

"Very dissatisfied with the salmon. It is dry and flavorless no matter how prepared. Would really prefer a full refund."

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